What are the best K-cup alternatives?


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The best K-cup alternatives include Simple Cups, EZ-Cup and the Keruig K-Cup adapter. These alternatives allow users to use their own coffee and greatly reduce the cost of producing single servings of coffee.

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As of 2015, K-cups purchased in bulk cost approximately $48. The average K-cup user consumes approximately 1,000 disposable cups in the course of a year. One cup of coffee brewed per day per year costs a total of $220. Simple Cups can be purchased in sets of 50 for about $14. This, combined with the additional cost of the inserted coffee for one year, comes to $185. Simple Cups allow the consumer to insert his own coffee. The cup, filter and lid are all disposable.

EZ-Cup is another alternative to K-cups. This brand is sold in sets of 50 and costs approximately $13 plus an additional $7.65. Over the course of a year, this totals to $135. Similar to Simple Cups, EZ-Cup allows the user to input his own coffee. However, EZ-Cup is reusable and makes use of a biodegradable filter.

The Keurig K-cup adapter is sold at $18 per adapter. The annual cost of this alternative is $80. Consumers can make use of their own coffee. Both the cup and filter are reusable.

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