What Are Jonsered Chainsaws?

What Are Jonsered Chainsaws?

Jonsered chainsaws are one-man chainsaws made by the Swedish manufacturer Jonsered. They come in a range of sizes for full-time forestry use, part-time forestry use and occasional uses such as chopping firewood.

In 1954, the first one-man, easy-use chainsaw was invented in Jonsered, Sweden. The company has continued to make chainsaws and is an innovator in chainsaw technology. It developed vibration damping, the chain brake, turbo air cleaning and many more features common in today's models, as of 2015. Jonsered chainsaws are light, efficient, ergonomic and eco-friendly.

The full-time, forestry-use models are designed for professionals. The part-time forestry saws are for a variety of professional and nonprofessional applications. The occasional use/firewood level of chainsaw is intended for the average homeowner.

All Jonsered models include features that reduce 75 percent of harmful emissions, increase fuel efficiency, remove most sawdust from the air and reduce vibration during use. The chainsaw inertia chain brake is a safety brake activated by the force of inertia.

There are three main types of chainsaws. Gas-powered saws are meant for larger jobs, electric chainsaws are used for less substantial cutting and the pole saw, which is a miniature chainsaw with a protracting pole attached, is used for hard-to-reach and higher places.