What Is a Jet Well Pump?


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A jet well pump is a modified centrifugal pump for generating high water pressures from a single stage. It is available in two configurations: shallow well and convertible pumps.

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Where groundwater is close to the surface or supply is through a canal system, the shallow jet well pump is the ideal choice. It requires little maintenance and is inexpensive. The shallow pump is best suited for applications where a cistern or storage tank is used. Shallow jet well pumps also help boost low city water pressure.

However, shallow pumps are not effective when the water level is greater than 25 feet vertical. For such depths, a convertible jet pump is the best alternative. This pump overcomes the 25-foot depth limitation using two pipes and a deep well foot valve.

A convertible jet well pump injects streams of water down from the pump and force water up through a secondary pipe, injecting it back into the first pump. The system makes it possible to draw water from over 100 feet below ground. Although they system is not the most efficient, it offers the added advantage of easy servicing since it is installed above the ground. The piping is also smaller than the typical 4-inch-wide pipes required for submersible pumps.

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