How Do You Take Jasmine Cuttings?

To take cuttings of Jasmine, trim a section of the plant just above a pair of leaves, and make a second cut halfway between that the leaf joint and the next one down. The best time to take a cutting is late in the summer.

  1. Prepare the plant

    The night before taking a cutting, water the Jasmine vine thoroughly.

  2. Identify suitable material for cutting

    Jasmine is typically most suitable for cutting late in the summer, and it's sometimes suitable in early-to-mid fall. The base of the cutting needs to be hard and the tip must be soft. Avoid flowering shoots and those that appear damaged or unhealthy. Select the shoots that are typical for the plant.

  3. Take the cutting

    Jasmine plants have climbing vines, so you must cut a shoot just above a pair of leaves. Make a second cut half way between that leaf joint and the one below it. If the leaves are large, cut the leaves in half to help retain water.

  4. Preserve the cutting

    Cover the bottom of the cutting in fresh hormone rooting powder, and tap off the excess. Store the cutting in a plastic bag in a cool area until it's ready to be placed in soil.