What Is a Janitorial Contract Bid?

A janitorial contract bid is a detailed summary of a janitorial company's work experience and prices that goes along with a proposal to work for a specific building or corporation. These are often sent to buildings looking for a cleaning crew, or even requested directly from a company that requires long-term janitorial services.

Most janitorial contract bids are created as a response to an interested buyer. These bids will lay out a specific plan for the building that needs to be cleaned, along with a price that will include equipment, chemicals and salaries. Most buildings and companies that require janitorial services will request bids from multiple different janitorial and cleaning companies. This means it is vital for any janitorial bid to be competitive and stand out against the competition.

Many companies that submit janitorial bids include the experience of their group and employees. In this way, a janitorial bid is similar to a résumé or job application. Janitorial servicing companies may send their bids to buildings that they know require cleaners, or they may wait to be approached by a building. Either way, the ability to produce a professional and well-written bid that clearly enumerates services, plans and pricing is arguably the most important skill for a cleaning company.