What Are Some Items to Store in Clear Storage Boxes?


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Items that are stored in clear, plastic boxes include seasonal clothing, blankets, holiday decorations, toys and garage items. Clear, plastic boxes are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and they are used both indoors and outdoors.

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Seasonal clothing and blankets are two of the most common items stored in clear, plastic boxes. They are typically stored in shallow boxes that fit under beds but are also stored in the larger, stackable versions.

Holiday decorations are also a popular category of items found in clear storage boxes. Lights, ornaments and fabric items are kept dry and dust-free while being stored, and the clear plastic makes retrieving the correct boxes easy and convenient the following year.

Some people opt for clear, plastic boxes for toy clean-up and storage versus traditional toy boxes. Children see their toys more easily, leading to better categorization and retrieval. An added benefit to using the boxes is keeping children's fingers safe from being pinched or crushed under a toy box lid, and also avoiding the possibility of a child crawling into a toy box and closing the lid.

Garage items are popular for storing in clear, plastic boxes. Some items include tools, paint brushes, cloths, manuals and hardware pieces that can be easily lost. This method of storage keeps the items clean, dry and organized.

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