What Are the Items Sold by an Appliance Store?


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Some types of items sold by appliance stores include refrigerators, washers and dryers, cooking appliances and dishwashers. Appliance stores may also sell smaller appliances, as well as replacement parts and additional accessories for already purchased appliances.

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For food storage, an appliance store may sell different designs and brands of refrigerator and freezer combos, or stand-alone freezers and ice makers. Cooking appliances range from large to small, with commonly sold large appliances including ranges, wall ovens, cooktops and microwaves. The range of large kitchen appliances is rounded out with dishwashers. Some appliance stores may sell all large kitchen appliances in sets or suites, which come with matching designs and are produced by the same manufacturer.

Small kitchen appliances relating to beverages include coffee and espresso makers, juicers and blenders, water-filtration devices and wine chillers. For cooking and baking, common categories of appliance are mixers, food processors, and cookers and steamers. Smaller versions of large appliances include toaster ovens and countertop microwaves. Even smaller appliances may include electric can openers and electric knife sharpeners.

Non-kitchen appliances include vacuum cleaners and irons. Related items that are not strictly considered appliances may also be sold at appliance stores, such as laundry baskets and ironing boards.

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