What Items Should Go in the Recycle Bin When Decluttering a Residence?


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Household items such as junk mail, books, cards, disposable plates and cups, compact discs, DVDs and most cardboard can be recycled in curb-side recycle bins. Glass items are recyclable, except for ceramics, mirrors, windows, Pyrex and light bulbs.

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What Items Should Go in the Recycle Bin When Decluttering a Residence?
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Aluminum and metal items like soda cans, foil, tin cans and canned food cans are acceptable in bins as well. Plastic materials with certain compositions are not accepted, but a list of accepted compounds is available at local municipalities. Shredded paper is acceptable for most bins, but must be placed in a bag so it doesn't blow away.

Many household items are toxic once discarded and are therefore not allowed in recycle bins. Waste management facilities, Home Depot and Ikea dispose of compact fluorescent lamp bulbs. Best Buy recycles most appliances and even picks them up for a flat fee. Computer recycling centers take computer products and power cords. Office supply stores accept ink cartridges. Libraries and post offices accept household batteries, and most automotive stores recycle car batteries.

Garage sales and charities are good ways to recycle other items. Furniture, clothing and accessories can be donated or sold, and websites such as eBay and Etsy are ideal for selling unique or vintage items.

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