What Items Do You Need to Frame a Jersey Yourself?


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To frame a jersey yourself you need a shadow box frame, acid-free archival backing board, a craft knife, a needle and clear thread. You may also need other items such as one or more pieces of matting, certificates of authenticity, photographs or other types of memorabilia if you wish to incorporate them into your jersey's frame. Protect your jersey from fading by using a shadow box frame with ultraviolet-filtering glass or plastic.

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While many sports memorabilia manufacturers sell special frames marketed specifically to customers who want to frame jerseys, regular shadow box frames are just as effective and often much less expensive.

Begin the mounting process by cutting your foam archival backing board to shape using the craft knife. Your finished board should fit snugly into the frame without moving around easily. Cut another piece of foam board so that it fits inside of the jersey without being visible. While this step is not totally necessary, it minimizes folds and wrinkles from forming in the jersey while it is on display.

Fold your jersey into whatever shape you wish to display, and iron the jersey to eliminate any wrinkles. Using the needle and clear thread, sew the jersey onto the foam backing board. After you sew the jersey onto the board, insert the mounted jersey into the frame, taking care to prevent the fabric from touching the glass directly. Having the jersey in direct contact with the glass or plastic is undesirable, as it causes moisture to collect, eventually leading to mold, stains and other problems.

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