What Items Are Included on a Self-Home Inspection Checklist?


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A self-home inspection checklist includes a list of the areas looked at, a note area so that anything the homeowner notices can be jotted down and a rating area. Some sites offer printable lists, but a sheet of paper also works.

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Having the names of the areas that homeowners wish to check out and pay special attention to can help make sure nothing is overlooked during conversation or while looking at other areas. The notes area can allow homeowners to make notes about issues that need to be taken care of or things they might want to change that aren't actually a repair issue, like painting or decorating ideas.

The rating area can be very helpful for prioritizing things that need done. By ranking the issues in a home, the homeowner has a starting place for the repairs or updates. Addressing the most troublesome and pressing items on the list first will keep someone from getting side tracked on fixing little problems while larger ones continue to grow. Some of the printable lists have a "suspect" ranking. This ranking is useful or homeowners who aren't familiar with something like wiring. They can mark it suspect and call a professional to check the item.

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