What Items Are Commonly Included in a Builder's Warranty?

What Items Are Commonly Included in a Builder's Warranty?

A builder's warranty commonly includes windows, plumbing and heating. It includes air conditioning and electrical systems as well. The warranty also defines who must make repairs and how they must be handled.

Specific regulations for a builder’s warranty vary by state. Nevertheless, many states require builders to provide warranty to the new homeowners. A builder's warranty typically provides limited coverage for materials on many components, including doors, stucco and paint during the first year. It commonly covers electrical systems, HVAC and plumbing for two years.

Some builder warranties provide coverage for serious structural defects for up to 10 years. Issues that put the owner in danger are considered serious structural defects. In addition, many warranties provide for mediation of disputed claims along with mandatory binding arbitration.

A builder's warranty usually does not cover expenses an owner might incur as a result of a warranty repair or a serious construction defect. For instance, it does not include the cost of accommodations if the owner has to temporarily move out of the home. The warranty does not commonly cover household appliances or small cracks in brick.

Builder warranties usually do not cover problems that the owners’ improper maintenance might have created. They do not cover components that come with manufacturer’s warranty.