What Items Can Be Bought at H.H. Gregg Appliance Stores?


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H.H. Gregg's stores typically stock large kitchen appliances, including ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers. In addition, they stock washing machines, dryers, small kitchen appliances and electronics.

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H.H. Gregg also supplies portable heating and cooling equipment, including wall air conditioners and portable units; they also stock electrical heating units. While these portable units generally don't offer the same efficiency of central air conditioners and heaters, their relatively low cost can make them a viable option in areas where heating or cooling is only needed occasionally. However, the store does not stock large HVAC appliances, such as boiler and furnaces, and they don't sell central air conditioners and heat pumps.

When looking for a deal on appliances, it's worth checking stores in the months after new appliance models have been revealed, which generally occurs in spring. Retailers like H.H. Gregg have limited storage space, and the large size of home appliances means that they try to sell as many appliances as possible before new units arrive. While newer models sometimes offer new features, models from the previous year are generally comparable.

H.H. Gregg's name comes from the names of its founders, Henry Harold and Fansy Gregg, who opened the first store in 1955 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since then, many H.H. Gregg stores have opened throughout the Midwest and, increasingly, throughout the Northeast and the South.

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