What Items Are Available From Marlo Furniture in Rockville, Maryland?


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Some of the items available from Marlo Furniture in Rockville, Maryland, include mattresses, living room furniture, end tables and desks, as of 2015. Other items sold by Marlo Furniture are dining room tables, bars, television stands, book shelves and bunk beds.

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Marlo Furniture offers a number of furniture options for customers, and these items are available for purchase both online and in the local retail stores. When shopping online, the search results are easy to read, and all listings have photos with a zoom feature, which allows customers to see the details of the furniture. In addition, the photos show a number of angles, so customers can see how the furniture looks from different viewpoints.

Another feature that Marlo Furniture offers on the company website is access to more than 100 decorated virtual rooms. This feature allows customers to see how the company suggests decorating with its furniture, and these photos also give payment and financing information for each room.

Marlo Furniture also has a room planner, which allows customers to decorate, set up and move furniture around on a computer screen. Everything from rugs and windows to doors and plants are placeable in the room planner, and it is easy to set up rooms online that reflect the customer's rooms.

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