How Do You Find ITE Circuit Breakers?

How Do You Find ITE Circuit Breakers?

Relectric Supply sells ITE circuit breakers online via the company website and Electric Motor Supply Company and Bay Breakers also offer ITE-Siemens circuit breakers. Electric Control Equipment Company is another source for ITE circuit breakers.

Relectric Supply offers new surplus and refurbished circuit breakers from ITE. The company provides online test reports for its circuit breakers, and they are certified and guaranteed to perform. The company does not list all available items online, so it encourages customers to contact it via telephone if the needed items are not displayed. is a division of Relectric Supply.

Bay Breakers specializes in new, used and obsolete circuit breakers, motor controls, bus plugs, transformers and other electrical hardware. The company offers refurbished ITE-Siemens circuit breakers, and customers can search for items by type, number of poles, amperage and voltage. Bay Breakers inspects and tests all of its refurbished equipment, and it offers a one-year replacement warranty.

EMSCO offers a large selection of used ITE circuit breakers, and the company displays available products with a photo, detailed description and price. Customers can request online or telephone assistance to find needed items. EMSCO also buys and rents used electrical equipment.

Electric Control Equipment Company stocks ITE-ABB brand-name circuit breakers from 1945 forward, and the company provides used equipment in new condition with a two-year guarantee. Customers can contact the company via telephone or email to request prices and services.