What Are Some Issues With Propane Gas Connections?

Some issues that may occur with propane gas connections include gas leaks and a slowed down or completely stopped flow of gas due to problems with the flow valve, mentions CharBroil.com. Because there is a safety risk with propane gas due to the fact that it is flammable and toxic to inhale, it is important to contact a professional when there are problems with the propane connection or the equipment, warns PGANE.org.

When there is a problem with the connection that causes a gas leak, such as a break in the line or the valve or an issue with the equipment connected to the propane tank, individuals can sometimes smell the gas. When this happens, it is important for users to shut off the cylinder valve and check if the connection is loose. If the valve has been tightened but a leak still is present, users need to seek professional help, warns GrinnellMutual.com.

Users might also experience a stopped or slow flow of gas if there is a problem with the flow valve or the equipment setup. For example, the rubber seal on the tank may fail, causing a bad connection. Tanks also have an excess flow valve that can trip, and this can cause the gas flow to stop or slow down. Manufacturers usually have instructions on how to reset the valve that may include turning off some knobs and waiting a period of time.