Why Isn't My GE Profile Refrigerator Cooling Properly?

Why Isn't My GE Profile Refrigerator Cooling Properly?

There are a number of reasons a GE Profile refrigerator may not be cooling properly if it is running, including inadequate airflow, improper sealing or dirty condenser coils. If the refrigerator is not running, owners should start by checking the power supply.

Refrigerators need at least an inch of clearance on top and all sides to create proper air flow for cooling. Owners should check the back of the refrigerator to see if any large item has been placed against it that blocks air flow. Overfilling either the refrigerator or freezer also affects airflow. Make sure there is enough room in each compartment for cold air to circulate.

The refrigerator or freezer door gaskets may not be functioning properly. Owners should look for tears or cracks, which require a replacement gasket. Sometimes the gasket pulls loose from the door, and all it needs is to be put back into its place.

Top-freezer models may not be getting a good seal because the appliance is unbalanced. Legs may be adjusted to level the refrigerator so that the doors hang properly. Dirty condenser coils can cut down on a refrigerator's efficiency. Owners with pets that shed should clean the coils regularly.

Owners should also check to make sure their refrigerator isn't in defrost or demo mode. Those settings alter performance. A light bulb that isn't going out when the door shuts may also be the culprit.