What Are Some Irrigation Repair Replacement Parts?


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Some common irrigation replacement parts are valves, controllers, and polyvinyl chloride pipes and fittings. Additional repair items for irrigation systems include backflow preventer replacement parts, sprinkler heads and rotor nozzles. Some repair parts specifically for drip irrigation systems include pressure regulators, emitter manifolds, emitters, mini-sprinklers, and drip line and tubing.

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Valve replacement parts for lawn sprinkler systems include flow controls, bonnet locknuts, diaphrams, solenoids and bleed-screw assemblies. Replacement motors, panels, transformers, main modules and keys are available for controller repair. Backflow preventer repair parts include replacement bonnet and poppet assemblies, check assembly kits, gasket repair kits, and check-rubber repair kits for double-check assemblies. Check-rubber repair kits are also available for reduced-pressure backflow prevention assemblies.

Complete replacement rotors, pressure gauges, nozzle-sets, rotor adjustment tools and protective caps for rotors are available for sprinkler repair. Some common PVC repair parts include tees, elbows, couplings, compression end caps and snap-tab pipe saddles, as well as risers, adaptors, and stem and disc assemblies. Sprinkler pipe and wire is also available for lawn irrigation repair.

Drip zone control assemblies, hose end kits, timers, filters and sprayers are available to repair drip irrigation systems. Additional drip repair parts include in-line valves, valve solenoids, PVC ball valves, low-volume shut-off valves and flush valves, as well as air relief valves and valve manifolds. Hose-end backflow preventers, check valves and retrofit components are also available for drip irrigation repair.

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