Is Iron Sulfate a Good Choice for Organic Moss Removal?


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Although iron sulfate can remove moss in many cases, it is not always an effective organic moss removal treatment. Other organic methods can be more effective for getting rid of moss over the long term.

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Iron sulfate is also known as ferrous sulfate. It is a safe organic chemical compound that consists of iron and sulfur, which is an essential nutrient for many plants. It is frequently used to acidify soil, but it can also kill moss in lawns. The iron in the compound helps kill the moss, but it does not usually affect the grass. However, too much iron sulfate can kill grass, so gardeners should take care when using it. Gardeners should also note that the iron in the compound can stain driveways, sidewalks and clothing.

Iron sulfate does not always kill moss, which often returns over time. Gardeners can permanently get rid of moss by changing the conditions in the soil that cause it to grow. One of the most effective ways to do so is to change the acidity levels of the soil. Lime is a good way to neutralize soil organically. Limestone contains calcium, which is not only an important nutrient for grass, but also brings down acidity levels. Gardeners can do pH tests to see if the soil is too acidic. Grass prefers pH levels between 6.5 and 7, so if the levels are lower than that, liming can help grass thrive. Gardeners can apply lime twice each season to bring soil to a healthy pH level.

Fertilizer can also help reduce moss growth. Moss often grows on poor soil, so improving soil fertility can reduce moss and allow grass to thrive.

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