How Do You Iron a Suit Coat?

How Do You Iron a Suit Coat?

How Do You Iron a Suit Coat?

Ironing a suit coat requires an iron and an ironing board. If an ironing board is not available, you can use a table top or other flat surface covered in a soft towel to protect its surface. Ironing a suit coat only takes a few minutes if you have done it before. If this is your first time, allow extra time, as it does take practice.

  1. Start with a clean suit

    Start with a clean suit jacket to ensure it looks its best when you are finished. Steam ironing the jacket does help remove light stains, but if it is badly stained, the steam might set the stain, requiring a trip to the dry cleaners to remove.

  2. Turn the jacket inside out

    Flip the suit coat inside out and iron it from the inside. This prevents scorching the fabric or accidentally creating wrinkles that are difficult to remove. Be sure the iron is set to steam so the heat and moisture reach through all the layers to the outside of the coat.

  3. Iron one section at a time

    Take your time and iron one section at a time, making sure each section lies flat against the ironing board.

  4. Hang the suit jacket to cool

    When you are finished ironing the coat, turn it right side out and immediately hang it to cool.