How Do You Iron Silk Shirts?

How Do You Iron Silk Shirts?

To iron a silk shirt, wet it with clean water, set the iron on cool, and iron the shirt through a thin towel. If necessary, repeat the process for better results. Use a spray bottle, an iron, a hanger, a towel, water and an ironing board to complete this task.

  1. Moisten the shirt

    Use clean water in a spray bottle to wet the entire garment. Refill the bottle as needed until the garment is well moistened. Alternatively, soak the shirt in a tub, and wring out the excess water with clean hands. Once it is wet, turn the shirt inside out.

  2. Iron the shirt

    Spread the wet shirt on an ironing board, and spread a thin, clean towel on top of it. Use a towel that does not leach color, otherwise it may stain the shirt. Preheat the iron to the cool setting, and iron the shirt through the towel until its wrinkles disappear. Avoid setting the iron on the fabric for too long to avoid burning the shirt.

  3. Air dry the shirt

    Turn the shirt right side out, and hang it up overnight to eliminate any remaining wrinkles. If necessary, repeat the entire process until you are satisfied with the results.