How Do You Iron a Pair of Pants?


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Iron pants by beginning with the pockets and then pressing the fly, seams and hems. Iron the waistband and finish with the legs. If you want a front crease in the legs, turn on the steam.

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  1. Begin with the pockets

    Turn the pants so the pockets are on the outside. Place the pockets flat on the ironing board, and press them with the iron.

  2. Press the fly, seams and hems

    Use the iron to press the fly of the pants. Next, iron the seams and hems of the pants. Once these areas are pressed, turn the pants so the exterior is exposed.

  3. Iron the waistband

    Place the waistband over the tapered end of the ironing board. Rotate the waistband pressing a small area at a time until you reach your initial starting point. Pull the pants onto the taper with the pockets facing up and press lightly over each pocket. Avoid pressing so hard that the pocket outline shows through the pants.

  4. Finish the legs

    Fold the pants so the legs align. Lift one pant leg, and press the inside of the opposite leg, one section at a time, from the hem to the crotch. Turn the pants and iron the outside of the leg. Repeat with the second leg. Press up to the edge of each leg without crossing the fold.

  5. Set creases with steam

    To create front creases on the pants, align the inseams, and set the iron to steam. Iron across the folded front edges. Hang the pants.

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