How Do You Iron a Graduation Gown?

iron-graduation-gown Credit: Moment Mobile ED/Moment Mobile/Getty Images

Remove wrinkles from a graduation gown by ironing using a cool iron and a pressing cloth. Hang the gown for storage until the ceremony. Ironing the gown takes just a few minutes using an ironing board, iron and white cotton press cloth.

  1. Remove gown from package

    Take the gown out of its shipping package, and hang it on a wooden hanger. Giving the fabric room allows many of the wrinkles to relax naturally. Do not use a wire hanger, which could snag the gown.

  2. Iron the gown

    Set up the ironing board. Set the iron to a low or polyester setting. Spread the gown over the ironing board. Wet the press cloth with water and squeeze any excess water out. Do not turn the iron to steam, but let the press cloth supply moisture. Lay the cloth flat on the gown, and press with the warm iron. Keep the iron moving constantly to prevent melting the gown. Move the press cloth and iron again until the process is complete. Rewet the press cloth as necessary to prevent it from becoming too dry.

  3. Hang the gown

    Once ironing is complete, hang the gown again. Store it in a dust free closet, and allow it to hang freely. Avoid crowding with other clothes, which can cause wrinkles.