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To iron clothing, use the heat setting appropriate for the fabric of the garment, and iron in a back and forth movement. The order in which garments are ironed depends on the type and construction of the garment.

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  1. Set the correct temperature

    Check the tag of the garment to determine the proper heat setting. Ensure that the iron is set to the correct temperature. Test a small area of the fabric to prevent damage by the iron.

  2. Move the iron correctly

    Move the iron back and forth. Circular and zigzag strokes may stretch the garment. Set a crease with a burst of steam.

  3. Iron dresses and shirts

    Iron collars and cuffs first. For garments with sleeves, begin ironing from the cuff, and move to the shoulder. Iron the front panels of a shirt, then iron the back of the shirt, moving from the middle to the hem. When ironing dresses and skirts, begin at the lower hem and work towards the waistband.

  4. Iron pants

    Turn the pants inside out, and iron the pockets first. Turn the pants right-side out, and iron around the waist. Lay the pants flat with the side seams aligned. Iron the inside of the bottom leg, then flip the pants over and repeat. Finally, press the outer side of the pant legs, and steam the creases.

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