How Do You Iron Dress Pants?

How Do You Iron Dress Pants?

To iron dress pants, fold the pants in half so the seams align, and then iron the inner legs before the front of the legs. You need a steam iron with a burst setting.

  1. Iron the pockets

    Turn the pants inside out, and separate the pockets if possible. Flatten the pockets with the iron, and then turn the pants back when you are finished.

  2. Iron the waist

    Hang the waist of the pants over the narrow part of the ironing board, and iron over the waist carefully.

  3. Fold the pants

    Fold the pants lengthwise, and position the inseams along the outer seams.

  4. Iron the inside of the first leg

    Fold back the top leg to gain access to the inner bottom leg. Iron the bottom leg, and then use the same technique to iron the opposite leg.

  5. Align the seams

    Align the seams again, and turn the steam setting on the iron to burst.

  6. Create the crease

    Run the iron along the front of each leg to create a crease.