What Is an IR Extender?


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An IR extender is a cable that allows a remote control to communicate with a cable box or other audiovisual devices. A consumer is able to turn on the cable box and change channels with the remote without using the cable remote control and without having to actually see the cable box.

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If a consumer wishes to keep her cable box or digital adapter out of sight and still use a remote control to change channels, an IR extender or IR receiver is used. BAFX Products sells a system called IR Repeater - Remote control extender kit that, when installed in the consumer's home and connected to all of the audiovisual equipment, allows a remote control to control devices that are hidden behind doors or even in other rooms.

An IR extender can solve the problem of what to do with all of the unsightly cords that protrude from one's television, cable box, DVD/Blueray player and stereo or surround sound equipment. All of one's cable boxes, DVD/Blueray players and stereo receivers are placed and hidden behind closed cabinet doors. When hooked up to the IR extender, they are operated with a remote control without having to open the cabinet doors. A person can even change the channel on the cable box in the living room from the kitchen.

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