What Is Involved in Water Meter Installation?

A water meter installation involves installing all water fixtures in the house correctly, getting permits to approve the installation, installing a supply line, obtaining the meter, and connecting the meter. PVC glue, a service line to your home and plumber's putty are necessary to complete the process.

Start by installing all necessary pipes, sinks and toilets inside the house, seal all PVC pipes with plumber's putty, and solder all copper wires. Contact your city or municipality authorities to find out where you can get digging permits. You may have to pay certain fees before installing the meter. Avoid underground utilities when laying the supply line, a pipe that usually measures 3/4 inch in diameter.

After installing the supply line, fix a thermal expansion control device and backflow preventer valve on the end of the pipe. You may purchase a meter online or obtain it from your municipality. Inquire from the municipality if you can install the meter on your own. If the authorities don't allow you to do the connection, tell them you are ready and meet all the requirements, and pay the installation fee. You may connect the meter yourself if you obtain water from a well, use the water for private purposes, or live in a small municipality.