What Is Involved in Silverfish Bug Control?


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Silverfish bug control involves removing paper or food clutter that allows the pests to feed and nest, removing moisture from the area that allows nymphs to grow quickly, applying a pesticide to the area, trapping any remaining bugs and using preventive measures to stop the bugs from returning. Single traps and sprays may not always prevent future infestations, making a comprehensive solution essential, warns Orkin.

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Silverfish like to eat paper, and can destroy thin clothing and wallpaper if allowed to infest areas where homeowners store these items. Cluttered stacks of these materials can provide both housing and food for an infestation of silverfish, requiring their removal to allow access to the stealthy pests. As silverfish grow and breed, they lay eggs that turn into nymphs. These small insects require moisture to remain healthy and grow quickly, and dehumidifying the area can help prevent future generations of silverfish from reaching maturity.

Applying a liquid or powdered pesticide to the area can eliminate bugs, eggs and nymphs. Pesticides made specifically for silverfish and related insects work best, and single traps can help track the progress of the infestation even if they do not remove entire colonies. Once single traps no longer show silverfish in the area, seal open spaces with caulking and keep the area dry and free of clutter to prevent future infestations.

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