What Is Involved in Installing a Gas Furnace by Ruud?


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Installing a gas furnace first involves making sure there is an available gas line; if not, expert help might be required. Before moving the furnace into place, support blocks at least 4 inches high should be put into place if it's being installed in a basement.

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Unless the furnace is a direct-vent model, the furnace must then be attached to the ducting system and sealed carefully. Experts often use heat-detecting cameras after the system has been powered on to ensure that hot air is not leaking out of the system, and renting a similar camera might be a wise investment.

Perhaps the most crucial phase of installation is connecting the ventilation system, which is used to remove carbon monoxide and other dangerous products from the home. Again, a proper seal is essential for preventing leaks, and a carbon monoxide detector can be installed nearby to detect problems as quickly as possible.

Ruud gas furnaces have varying electrical requirements, but the system must be properly wired and connected to a thermostat. Once the system has been fully connected, the ignition system should be checked before the gas valve is opened. The fans should also be set to On mode to make sure they're able to distribute heat; faulty fans can damage the combustion area of the furnace due to overheating.

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