What Is Involved in Installing a Gas-Fueled Space Heater?


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Gas space heaters either use a gas line, which requires running pipes to the system, or bottled gas, which may require little installation. Many gas space heaters also need ventilation, requiring further work.

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Gas space heaters require a gas connection, and connecting the system to a gas line provides a reliable gas source. Connecting pipes to power the system, however, requires care to avoid leaks, and many areas require professionals to perform the work. In addition, connecting pipes may require removing portions of a wall and replacing them, making the task potentially expensive.

As of 2015, experts disagree on whether ventless gas space heaters are safe to use. Using a vented system requires ensuring that the exhaust is able to vent out of the home safely, and special care must be given to ensure that leakage is avoided. Ventless systems require no special connections, although homeowners may wish to install carbon monoxide detectors in case the system operates unsafely and built-in sensors fail to detect problems.

Space heaters are generally used for heating a single, fairly small room, so many homeowners prefer relying on central heating systems designed for the entire home. Adding an extension to a home, however, may require a furnace or boiler upgrade, so a gas space heater may provide a more convenient option.

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