What Is Involved in Gas Range Installation?


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Installing a gas range involves preparing the area, installing the range and hooking it up. Necessary tools are an adjustable screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, electrical ground tester, joint compound and cloths for clean up.

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The first step of preparing the area involves turning off the main gas line and electrical circuit, as well as sliding the old oven out of the way. After unscrewing the gas line and unplugging the electrical cord, the old range should be replaced with the new oven. The electrical ground tester should be used to ensure good grounding of the outlet before plugging in the new range.

Once the area is prepared, the connector gets screwed into the gas hose and the gas valve. Before connecting, the male end of the connector should be coated with pipe joint compound or wrapped with Teflon tape. This ensures there are no gas leaks. Installers use the wrenches to make sure the ends are connected tightly.

Before moving on, installers often turn the gas back on and drip soapy water on the connection, looking for the bubbles that indicate a leak. Once safety is ensured, the gas range needs to be plugged in and slid into place. Installers usually use a level to make sure the unit is balanced, adjusting the legs as necessary.

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