What Are Some Interior Uses of Wooden Box Crates?


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Interior uses for old wooden box crates include shoe storage, flower boxes, window herb gardens and coffee tables. Untreated wooden box crates are typically stained, varnished or painted, and left bare or natural for most uses involving foods. Wooden box crates are found in a variety of places, including grocery or retail store scrap piles, home improvement stores, construction sites, street markets and ship yards. Wooden box crates are also available for purchase in craft and department stores.

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Wooden box crates used for shoe storage are usually kept on the floor along baseboards or mounted on walls. Many choose to decorate the crates to match the decor of their homes or to personalize them for children. When using wooden crate boxes for flowers or herb gardens, add plastic insert trays to the floor of the crates to prevent loss of soil, or simply use the crates to display flowers or herbs that are in their own containers.

Arrange wooden crates to make a coffee table by laying each crate on its side, with the tops of the crates facing outwards. This design allows for the insides of the crate to be used for storing or displaying items, while the sides of the crates form a solid top of the table.

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