What Does an Interior Painter Do?


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Professional interior painters are responsible for repairing minor wall surface damage, applying sealants and painting interior wall surfaces. Specifically, interior painter tasks include stripping walls of old paint, filling holes with putty and making walls look clean and vibrant.

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A professional interior painter has several tools at his disposal, including a paint roller, a variety of paint brushes, scrapers, sandpaper and a power sprayer. Painters that work in settings in which dangerous fumes and chemicals pose a health hazard are required to wear a protective suit and facial mask. Painters usually remove furniture from rooms or cover furniture with tarps to prevent paint damage. They also cover floor areas with dropcloths. Climbing ladders to reach ceilings and upper walls is part of the job as well.

Interior painters are very knowledgeable about color scheme combinations and sometimes provide consultation on which colors work best for a particular room. Painters also know which primers and sealants are best for a particular job. At times, an interior painter is asked to apply a stain finish to wood paneling. Painters typically have perfected one or more techniques on how to paint a wall. The techniques used depends on the job. Construction site painters apply paint and stains to new buildings. Artisan painters use decorative techniques.

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