What Are Some Interesting Ways to Design Flower Beds?


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Some interesting flower bed designs include flowers planted inside an umbrella planter, a chessboard garden, flowers planted in a bed-shaped garden and flowers spilling out of an overturned pot. An individual can plant a flower bed in a raised bed in the middle of a stone patio. Lamb's ear borders the circular garden with colorful flowers in the center portion.

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A homeowner can opt for a truly unique flower bed and plant flowering vines on an old car or in the frame of an old bed. She can give a flower bed a haphazard look by turning a planter sideways or burying it partly in the ground with the flowers spilling out of it. Instead of flowers, wood chips can be spilling out of the container with chicks and hens plants and low-moisture succulents growing out of it.

Planters themselves can be interesting and unique, ranging from antique urns to beds and umbrellas. The homeowner can plant the tip of a partially opened umbrella in the ground so that it is upside down, and fill the opening with soil and petunias. Other unique planters include a giant flip-flop and a pair of legs. The homeowner can design an entire garden or landscape around a chess theme with the squares of the board housing different kinds of plants, wood chips or planters. The planters resemble different chess pieces.

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