What Are Some Interesting Names of Paint Colors?


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Gladiola, street chic, ally's earring, museum piece, electric lime, exuberant pink, calypso, eye catching, dovetail, cosmopolitan, wool coat, tweed coat and worn leather shoes are some unique paint color names. These paints come in collections from major paint retailers, including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. Some, like ally's earring and museum piece, are unusual names for classic grays, while Gladiola and Calypso, products of Sherwin-Williams, are a matte red and electric blue, respectively.

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Benjamin Moore has several collections of paint colors with paints that come in many hues and have distinct names. Street chic is a medium-dark gray, while espresso bean is a dark gray with brown undertones. Ally's earring is a very light gray, resembling a pearl earring color. Gray gardens is another Benjamin Moore paint with an unusual name; it is a dark gray mixed with green for a cool, earthen look. The collection also includes wall street, which is a mid-shade gray; penthouse, which is light; and old soul, which falls in the middle of gray hues.

Sherwin-Williams offers contemporary and eclectic colors, which are paired with distinct names. Electric lime is a bright, retro-inspired neon lime with yellow undertones. Its pinks include Feverish Pink and Exuberant Pink; the former is a bold rose red, and the latter is a bright purple. Eye Catching is a bright yellow, while Frank Blue is a deep cerulean. Even common colors, like black and white, have updated names; black is Black Magic and white is Extra White.

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