What Are Some Interesting Landscaping Ideas Involving Colored Rocks?


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Some ideas for landscaping with colored rocks include replacing mulch, making a rock waterfall and adding to current backyard features. Colored rocks are also good for rock gardens and container gardens.

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Create a beautiful feature in the backyard by using large colorful rocks to make a rock waterfall. This makes a feature that brings nature and tranquility into a garden. Any types of rocks can be used, though using colorful rocks bring it to life and make it more unique. Other backyard features that are already installed can also use colored rocks. Set the rocks around a hot tub or fireplace in the yard make it look beautiful and natural.

Rock gardens combine colorful rocks and low-growing flowers. Decorative cacti, succulents and orchids are great options for a rock garden. The gaps between the flowers and plants are filled with small colorful rocks, while larger boulders are placed around the back and outside of the garden area. Container gardens look great on the patio and provide a convenient way to grow herbs, plants and flowers. Colorful rocks can be added to the different pots and containers, adding more color and providing a natural drainage system.

Stones are more expensive than mulch, but they last much longer in garden beds and can provide excellent drainage. They can be left in place indefinitely and add more interest to the space.

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