What Are Some Interesting Lamp Post Landscaping Ideas?


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A raised bed around a lamp post is easily created using interlocking bricks or vertically stacked short wooden posts that are pounded into the ground. Three inches of mulch provides moisture retention, and summer-blooming annuals such as geraniums and sweet alyssum add non-stop color.

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A simple way to make a lamp post flower bed is to lay out the design using a flexible garden hose to create several gradual curves, with the diameter of the bed at least half the height of the lamp post for proper scale. Plantings such as evergreen boxwood and spring-flowering deciduous shrubs as well as perennials and annuals are arranged so that taller varieties are closest to the lamp post. A climbing vine such as clematis planted at the base of the lamp post adds texture and bloom to the vertical structure, and a hanging basket installed on an upper arm post or L-bracket showcases seasonal plantings throughout the year.

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