What are some interesting designs for home landscaping?


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When landscaping a yard, try adding flowers to the entrance to either the back yard or front yard. Vines also make a nice addition to a yard, and sculpted shrubs and other plants around the driveway add an attractive, welcoming look to polish up the front or side of a home.

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Houses that have a small space between the structure and the street often benefit from a low fence in the front yard. This provides an area for growing plants and vines that adds beauty to the front of the house.

Vines look great when properly trimmed; clematis vines, for example, are easy to manage and produce colorful flowers in red, pink, blue or white. Contrary to what some people believe, vines grow well on walls, trellises or in large pots. Homewowners should plant clematis vines in the fall to ensure they bloom in the spring.

Sculpted shrubs look best when placed on a raised part of the lawn. It is possible to create a raised island or bed and add boxwood hedges and roses, annuals and perennials rising above the hedges.

Those living in the coastal and tropical zones can landscape a lawn with lilies. Lilies are hardy plants that can tolerate a number of different weather conditions such as heat, high humidity and even drought. Adding lilies to a yard imparts color and a delightful fragrance.

When choosing flowers in an area where deer are abundant, select plants such as butterfly weed, purple cornflower or globe thistle. These and other flowers add beautiful color to a yard, and, unlike roses, deer do not like the way they taste.

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