What Are Some Interesting Designs for Antique Decanters?

What Are Some Interesting Designs for Antique Decanters?

Interesting designs for antique decanters include an LSU Tigers musical football decanter and a Jim Beam NASA space shuttle decanter. A mid-century sad dog decanter in blue Murano glass by Fratelli Toso is also an interesting antique style.

Some interesting designs for decanters aren't bottle-shaped. For example, the LSU Tigers decanter is shaped like the team mascot. The decanter, which dates back to 1981, also sits on top of a music box that plays the team's fight song. The Jim Beam decanter is shaped like a NASA space shuttle.

The Murano glass decanter is bottle-shaped. However, the artists used the glass to create a sad dog face on the bottle. Fratelli Toso also created other interesting decanters, such as a pink clown face design. A similar idea is the Joseph Hilton McConnico for Daum Nancy decanter. This green bottle features a glass cactus design.

Bottles come in different shapes, too. For example, Art Deco decanters often feature a fan or horseshoe shape in typical glass.

Color, pattern and cut sometimes make antique decanters interesting. For example, one rare Georgian decanter comes in step-cut green glass. Bohemian decanters can come in ruby red glass with stags in the design. The Indian Club design of decanter comes in Briston blue, Prussian green and clear glass.