What Are Some Interesting Chicken House Design Ideas?


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CountryLiving.com has a list of chicken house or chicken coop design ideas that includes a Cape Cod-inspired chicken coop, and upcycled VW Beetle, a playhouse coop and a renovated garden shed. Other ideas include a dual herb garden and chicken coop and a Middle Earth bungalow.

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The Cape Cod-inspired chicken coop uses a classic rectangular house design. Half of the chicken house has cupboards and doors for quick access to eggs, while the other end features an enclosed mesh area for free ranging. The upcycled VW Beetle chicken house uses the hull of an old Volkswagen Beetle. Hay covers the floor and chicken wire replaces the doors and windows.

The herb garden design melds a raised garden with a chicken coop in a multi-tiered structure. The bottom level is a chicken wire-enclosed area where the chickens can roam. A ramp leads to the enclosed second story where the chickens nest and lay their eggs. The roof can contain an herb or vegetable garden.

Chickens can also live in a hobbit-style house. This small, semi-circular coop has a round door, a nod to Middle Earth, that leads into the nest area of the house. Wire mesh encloses the other half of the coop.

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