What are some interesting cactus garden ideas?


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Outdoor cactus garden ideas include bordering plants with stones or boulders to create contrasting lines and focal points. Alternatively, place large slabs of rock, old wheels or sculpture in the middle of a cactus landscape to draw the eye in.

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Group a number of short barrel cacti together for a more dramatic display, or nestle several varieties in gravel, river rock or small stones. Place large cacti in the back and a variety of smaller cacti in front to create an interesting mix and match look.

To create an indoor cactus garden, use a container with a lot of drainage holes. Cover the bottom of the container with pebbles and then decide where to place each plant.

To remove the cacti for transplanting, wrap each plant in newspaper, and slide it out. When the plants are positioned, fill the container with cactus soil and press to it ensure there are no air holes around the roots of the plant. Use a soft brush to remove excess soil and water.

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