How Do You Insulate Water Pipes?

How Do You Insulate Water Pipes?

Insulate water pipes by first cleaning the pipes thoroughly. Next, cover the pipe with your selected insulation materials, and secure the insulation with duct tape, if necessary. You need a rag, a mild cleanser, insulation materials like foil or fiberglass, duct tape, and latex paint. Foam insulating tape is optional.

  1. Clean the water pipes

    First, remove all dirt and grease from your water pipes with a rag and a mild cleanser. Allow the pipes to dry.

  2. Cover the water pipes

    Choose between a number of different insulation materials. Foil or fiberglass insulation may be wrapped around the pipe, often with a 1/2-inch overlap. You may also use a tubular-sleeve insulation. This insulation often comes in a variety of different sizes.

  3. Cover the water pipes completely

    If using foil or fiberglass insulation, make sure to wrap it in duct tape. When insulating around corners, cut the insulation material so it properly fits around the pipe, and tape well. If using a tubular-sleeve, cut the insulation to the proper length of the pipe. If more than one sleeve is needed, wrap the gap between them with duct tape. You may also use reinforced foam-insulating tape. This tape should help when dealing with bends, as it conforms to almost any shape. Finally, paint the exterior surface with latex paint to dress any exposed pipes.