How Do You Insulate Walls?

How Do You Insulate Walls?

Insulate existing walls by locating the wall studs, drilling a hole into the bottom of the wall, checking the cavity for obstructions, blowing insulation into the cavity, and repeating between each set of studs. Patch the holes once the job is complete.

  1. Locate the wall studs

    If working outside the home, you are often able to see the nails to indicate stud location. On brick homes, work from the inside using an electronic stud finder.

  2. Drill the holes

    Remove the exterior sheeting from the wall. Use a hole saw to cut an appropriate-sized hole in the wall to allow the tube from the insulation blower to fit into the wall. Drill a hole near the floor between each set of studs.

  3. Check for an empty bay

    Use a tape measure to ensure there are no obstructions in the bay. For side braces, drill a second hole above the brace.

  4. Blow the insulation

    Fill the machine with loose fill insulation. Insert the tube into each hole and turn on the machine to fill the bay with insulation.

  5. Patch the holes

    When you finish filling the bays, patch the holes in the wall. Once the patch is complete, replace the exterior sheeting to cover the patches.