How Do You Insulate a Garage Door?

How Do You Insulate a Garage Door?

To insulate a garage door, cut pieces of foam core and attach them to your garage door with double-sided tape. You may additionally use a layer of double-lip weather stripping to help cover the gap.

  1. Choose your material

    Choose whether to insulate your garage door with reflective foil or heavy-duty polyethylene. The polyethylene product consists of two layers of polyethylene foam between two sheets of aluminum foil. When using reflective insulation, make sure it is under 1/2 inch thick. You may also use polystyrene panels.

  2. Measure and cut proper sizes

    Both insulation materials are available in kits, though this may vary depending on your location. Be sure to measure the size of your garage door before purchasing these materials, as the kits are usually pre-sized for standard doors. If necessary, buy reflective foil insulation in bulk at a home improvement store. Using a utility knife, cut your materials into proper sizes, and prepare them for installation by taping them.

  3. Install the insulation

    With double-sided tape, install the cut-out pieces of insulation. Finally, if there is still a gap between your garage door and the floor, use a layer of double-lip weather stripping to seal it. This helps with climate control as well as noise reduction.