How Do You Insulate an Attic?

How Do You Insulate an Attic?

How Do You Insulate an Attic?

To insulate an attic, lay down a layer of vapor barrier, and then install rolls of blanket insulation. Wear gloves and proper clothing to protect yourself from the fibers in the insulation, and do not take the insulation out of its packaging until you are ready to use it.

  1. Install a layer of vapor barrier

    Lay down a layer of vapor barrier in between the open studs on the wall, and secure it with a staple gun. Use a utility knife to make cutouts for electrical wires.

  2. Install the insulation

    Roll out the insulation on top of the vapor barrier layer, ensuring it's secure between the studs and not too compressed.

  3. Remove electrical wires

    Cut and remove electrical wires from underneath the insulation, and lay them on top of the insulation to prevent them from overheating.

  4. Install a second layer of insulation

    Check to see if your area requires a second layer of insulation. If so, lay it over the first layer at a perpendicular right angle. Move the wires on top of the second layer.

  5. Insulate the pipes

    Wrap water pipes in pipe insulation, and secure the insulation with proprietary clips. Cut the insulation at 45-degree angles to cover corners.