What Are the Instructions for Using a Bucket-Style Aroma Ice Cream Machine?


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Instructions for using a traditional Aroma bucket-style ice cream machine include preparing the ice cream mixture, assembling the machine, and churning the mixture by hand or with the electric motor. The process takes a few minutes for mixture preparation and about 40 minutes for churning.

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The parts of a traditional Aroma ice cream machine include a wooden bucket, a hand crank, an electric motor, a dasher and a freezing canister. Prepare the freezing canister by leaving it in the freezer overnight. Mix the ice cream recipe in a bowl using heavy cream, milk, sugar, eggs and flavorings. Fill the freezing canister no more than 2/3 full with ice cream mixture, secure the dasher in the freezing canister, secure the lid onto the canister, and insert the canister into the wooden bucket so it engages the center cone. Latch the electric motor or the hand crank onto the top of the bucket.

Fill the wooden bucket with alternating layers of ice and rock salt up to the bucket drainage hole. Churn the mixture by either plugging in the electric motor or cranking by hand. The electric motor shuts off automatically when the ice cream is ready. Hand cranking continues until the mixture becomes so thick it is very difficult to churn. Remove the canister from the bucket, remove the dasher from the canister, and store the finished ice cream in the freezing canister or in another freezable container.

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