What Are the Instructions to Set up My New Frigidaire Dehumidifier?

What Are the Instructions to Set up My New Frigidaire Dehumidifier?

To set up a Frigidaire dehumidifier, place it in an appropriate location with the room sealed off, then plug in the machine and run it until the relative humidity decreases sufficiently. Then set the humidity to the desired maintenance level using the control buttons.

The dehumidifier must be on a flat, level surface capable of supporting the machine even when the bucket is full. For maximum efficiency, close all windows, doors and other external openings to the room. To run properly, the dehumidifier needs a minimum of 12 inches of clearance all the way around.

The dehumidifier must be upright for at least one hour before use. The power cord needs to be plugged into a properly grounded 115 AC outlet. Sometimes upon first use, the "bucket full" indication comes on. In this case, remove and re-install the bucket. Turn the unit on by pressing the power button, which reads "on-off."

Run the dehumidifier at the factory's continuous setting for three to four days until the dampness has decreased. Whenever the "bucket full" indicator comes on, pull out the bucket, empty it, and re-install.

Check the relative humidity on the front display after three to four days of using the high continuous setting. Once the relative humidity has decreased, use the up and down buttons to choose a humidity setting between 35 to 85 percent. If desired, use the "fan speed" button to switch the fan to a lower setting.