What Are the Instructions for Pool Railing Installation?


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To install a handrail in a pool, remove part of the deck using a concrete cutter, insert handrail anchors in the area that doesn't have concrete in it, and fill that space with new concrete mix. Be careful when cutting concrete off the deck, as you need to remove enough concrete to place the anchor in, but if you cut off too much concrete, you might damage the rest of the deck or the pool itself.

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Also, when using the first method, keep in mind that you may end up with a seam in the deck where the old and new concrete meet.

Another way to install a handrail in the pool is to rent a core drill from a local home improvement store, and cut holes for the anchor in the deck. Before drilling the holes, determine where the rail is going to be, and mark locations where the anchor holes need to be. Be careful when using the power equipment, as it may get damaged if it overheats. Be careful not to get dust and concrete pieces into the pool.

Take the core out of the hole after drilling. After that, you can fill part of the hole with some pea gravel to hold the handrail or place a PVC sleeve in the hole after putting some gravel in it. Make sure that the sleeve is just a little wider than the hand rail.

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