What Are Some Instructions for Planting Potatoes?


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Potatoes should be planted in sandy, well-drained soil in trenches that are 4 inches deep. The bottom of the trenches should be spread with rotted manure or compost before planting.

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What Are Some Instructions for Planting Potatoes?
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The potatoes can be planted directly after the last spring frost or as soon as the ground can be worked. They can be bought as seed potatoes, or a whole potato can be cut up. The sections or the seed potato should have at least two eyes. If a whole potato is cut up, the sections should be allowed to rest for one or two days so they can form a layer to guard against rot and to hold in moisture.

Seed potatoes should be planted 1 foot apart with their eyes up. Potatoes do best in moist soil, so the plot needs to be well-watered, especially when the tubers start to form.

The plant should be hilled when it is about 6 inches tall and before it blooms. The gardener should mound the soil around the base of the plant with a hoe. This makes sure that the roots have good cover, the plant is supported and the potatoes do not get sunburned. Sunburned potatoes are green and have a bitter taste. The plants need to be hilled approximately every two weeks.

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