Where Are Instructions for Operating a GE Oven Timer Located?

Instructions for operating a GE oven timer are typically located in the Use and Care Manual. Manuals for many GE ovens are available on GEAppliances.com as of March 2015.

Visit the GEAppliances.com home page and click on Support. On the drop-down menu that appears next, click Manuals and Literature. Enter the model number of the oven in the search field to pull up any manuals related to it. The model number is usually printed on a tag attached to the oven. Manuals open in a PDF format.

Another method of finding manuals for an oven is by pulling up the oven's product page. On the GEAppliances.com home page, click on Kitchen. On the drop-down menu that appears next, click on the type of oven you have under the Cooking heading. You can then select a subcategory of ovens or view all the ovens of that type. Click on the oven you have, then click on Manuals/Downloads to view available manuals.

The timer on a GE oven is typically set by pressing the Timer button, then entering an amount of time. Pressing the start button starts the timer with that amount of time. Pressing the Timer button twice may cancel the timer.