What Are Some Instructions for Installing an Underground Electrical Cable?

To install an underground electrical cable, dig a trench to the required depth, insert electrical wires in a PVC conduit, lay the cable in the trench, call authorities to inspect the installation, cover the trench with soil, and complete the wiring. Attach plate covers, test the installation, and contact the authorities to inspect the project again. A shovel and adjustable wrench are handy for the installation.

Before installing any electrical cable underground, check with your local authorities to determine the required depth of laying electricals and if there are any wires buried near you. Use a shovel to dig a trench. If necessary, use a trenching machine.

After digging the trench to the specified depth, place the electrical wires in a PVC conduit to keep away moisture and prevent sensitive circuits. If necessary, cut the conduit with a hacksaw, and attach the pieces with PVC cement. Lay the wiring in the trench, and put up a warning tape to keep away other people. Call your local authorities to inspect the installation.

Bury the electricals in the ground, taking care to put enough soil over the wires to avoid shock. Contact the authorities to inspect the wiring. Install the plate covers, and test your work. After finishing the project, request a third inspection by local authorities.